Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABP)

The ABP is a test that registers the patient’s blood pressure during 24 hours. The system is compounded by of a pressure cuff in the patient’s arm (like the one used to measure the blood pressure in the outpatient clinic or the pharmacy) attached to a logger that hangs like a necklace or that is fixed in patient’s belt, allowing a completely normal life during the test.

During the day and night the system performs different measures of blood pressure. This test allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of the medical treatment (i.e. if this treatment is still effective after several hours of taking the drug) and is very important to prevent long-term consequences of this disease. The test is also important to diagnose arterial hypertension in patients that have blood pressure values during consultation not clearly high.

The information registered is analyzed by special software and reviewed subsequently by a cardiologist.




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